February 9, 2009

I LIKE green eggs and ham in a boat and on a goat and across the ocean…

Many and most tossed books in this country are shredded and reduced to pulp. These are the books that survived the garage sales, the Goodwills, and the used book stores. No one wants them. But, like the Velveteen Rabbit, every book needs to be read and appreciated. In reality, the destructive chemical processes used to destroy the books also release harmful environmental pollutants. Contrary to what you may think, these discarded books are usually in good condition. They are simply weeded out because of publication dates, space constraints, or minor imperfections.

That’s where Hands Across the Water comes in. Around the world, communities often have to ration their few tattered books. Students in schools don’t have their own copies and libraries are afraid to let their inadequate collections circulate. A typical child growing up in the more stable countries of sub-Saharan Africa rarely, if ever, have the chance to borrow a book, even if he can read. Hands Across the Water seeks to correct this imbalance of reading material. They redistribute rescued books to needy schools, libraries, and other community based nonprofit organizations. The Velveteen Rabbit Book finds a second home.

Only a few States are involved at this point. Drop offs are listed on the website. Does your community, school, or church have a sister city or a mission partner overseas that would appreciate used text books, Sunday School/VBS materials, or any literature? Why not start your own “recirculation of books” group?!

Visit surplusbooksforcharity.org to find out more information and pass on your Green Eggs and Ham across the ocean to more people who LIKE them.

- e.