July 15, 2009

Something good about SUGAR!? Yes, as a matter of fact there is.

Yes, sugar can be good for you! In it's sugarcane pulp form, it's actually green and great for making sugarcane paper.

So instead of downing that double-chocolate chip cookie, triple chocolate chip brownie, and three layer cake (need I go on?), why not try writing about it in one of our O’Bon writing journals made with sugarcane paper. Even if you still eat the cookie, brownie, and the cake while you are writing in that sugar journal, you CAN feel good about not chopping down a large old oak tree to provide the paper.

Sugarcane paper is made of Bagasse or sugarcane pulp…not trees and recycled card stock. Discarded sugarcane produces high quality, low cost paper. These O'Bon spiral bound writing journals use ink which is soy based and non toxic. They are also very reasonably priced.

Writing Journals
- Spiral Bound Bird Series by O'Bon

The crimson feather image represents the birds who’s habitats will not be destroyed by using this notebook/writing journal. Now you have saved a tree and a bird! Write another page on how good your second cookie tasted.

Check out our entire selection of unique writing journals - and while your at it, why not use our green animal pencils made from recycled newspapers? The perfect compliment to your eco-friendly writing experience.

- e.