January 20, 2010

As Lovely as a Tree!

Have you ever thought about how a tree must feel knowing that in our culture a “tree hugger” is a joke, a negative connotation, or a non conformist in society? Don’t dare hug a tree…you could get cooties! Or you might get that liberal disease. So, let me ask....what did trees ever do to you? Trees have no political agenda. Trees provide us air to breath, shade to rest, shelter and homes for animals, beauty to this earth…I’m not a big science fiction or fantasy fan but the scene in Lord of the Rings where those giant old trees (below) rise up from their roots to save and revenge their own - gives me goose bumps. Okay, enough about trees today. But, think about it. Go hug a tree today…for real. And tell that tree how important he (or she!) is to your world.

Make some tree friends….

- e.