October 15, 2009

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October 9, 2009

Celery is NOT so bad...

As I pulled up my regular AOL account, I was dismayed to read that the AOL Food Editors asked their readers which foods hit their "yuck button"...can you believe that celery was one of the first ones mentioned?! Check out all of America's Least Favorite Foods as reported by the AOL Food Editors...interesting choices, people!

They were mostly overwhelmed by the huge response….over 78,000 people voted in the SplashFood Poll for America's most hated foods. Spam, mayonnaise, blue cheese, sardines, and even peanut butter were all likely suspects. Quotes about celery included, “Nothing is as horrible as celery” and “Celery is disgusting”.

Really? Is celery all that bad? We don't think so...and either do nutritionists, doctors and all you health nuts out there. Celery is high in fiber and is low-cal and low fat. Read about the good in celery in an article posted on Healthmad.com.

Here at Celery Street, we consider celery an icon, if you will. Or, maybe even our mascot? Although we certainly don’t own a celery suit (um, yes, there is actually a suit of celery you can buy!) we do have to admit, we love our celery! We do, however, prefer our celery in chicken salad, with peanut butter (pardon us peanut butter haters), or of course, in our bloody marys.

Eat that celery haters.

- e.