May 11, 2010

A Nostalgic Earth Day!

Earth Day Indiana presented itself as a cloudy, rainy day and we came prepared with our eco friendly umbrellas to help keep our green friends covered, but the rain held off and we saw a different trend. Nostalgia!

The big hits for the day were our Dick and Jane drinking water bottles from Blue Q and our Dick and Jane recycled plastic zipper pouches. Not everyone knows who Dick and Jane are anymore…it shows our age!

The other adorable blast from the past were our Fun Eco Diaper Bags with pastel Winnie the Pooh made from actual recycled old Winnie the Pooh books. I still like the softer side of Winnie, with the original sketches mixed with watercolor. Somehow those drawings fit the quirky characters that live in the 100-acre woods.

All three of these vintage gifts would make perfect gifts for your eco mom, grandma or even great-grandma. The stories they can tell! You could always slip a gift certificate for a spa treatment inside the Dick and Jane Zippered Pouch to let mom know you understand her modern needs!

- e.