May 28, 2009

Green Beauty Products (literally)!

Is beauty only skin deep? The ingredients sometimes aren’t! I’m trying to be more eco-friendly with my hair care, creams, lipstick and that green nail polish. It is not always easy.

Then I found a website - I can research all these strange unpronounceable words on the back of my makeup, lotions, and shampoo bottles and determine if they are poisonous or not. The best part is that I can look them up by product brand and type…it's so easy!

Now the next question is…of all these healthy eco-friendly new products, which actually work and are affordable? I’ve got a few favorites like Zoya nail polish that's and 365 Herbal Mint Shampoo found at Whole Foods on their private label.

Would love to hear about your favorites! Let us know what eco-friendly products you love and we'll be sure to give them a test.

- e.