October 27, 2008

Big Weekend at Celery Street!

We’ve been featured on www.coolmompicks.com! It's a great site for moms looking to find hip, new, and unusual stuff. We just added a little “green” to their fun website! We included a 15% code for Cool Mom Pick readers. (Check it out to receive the discount code!). Liz especially liked the Metal Pointus jewelry, the Scrappies, and our eco-friendly writing journals and cute rain umbrellas!

Another exciting thing that happened this weekend...

Did you get a chance to see High School Musical 3?! I went with my daughter and our friends. We were THRILLED to see Gabrielle (Vanessa Hudgens) toting our Mielie Bag! Gabrielle (Vanessa's character) is going green! I carried this bag myself for several months this summer and was stopped on the streets for “where did you get that purse?!” requests. I always had my Celery Street business card ready! - e.

picture courtesy of disney.com

October 23, 2008

Scrappies and scraps of recycled mess!

This is an ugly scrappy mess of recycled goods collecting in my garage. I try to recycle everything. Those clever green magazines and books explain how to design your ideal recycle station. I cringe. Recyclable materials are still trash and trash comes in many different shapes, textures, sizes and smells. The curbside program picks up all my #1 and #2 plastics, glass, aluminum and newspaper. But the rest I designate to my garage collection (pictured above!). Lovely, eh?

Now can’t you just see these little Scrappies skinny or triangle cats hanging out on your couch, your window seat, a book shelf, or adorning a loved one’s bed? Those are cute scraps!! Scrappies wooly pins are also available. All are one of a kind and handmade. Designer Sarah Steedman has been sewing her entire life. Her Scrappynation products are made using recycled sweaters, clothes, and accessories as much as possible. The polyfil stuffing is made in Chicago by workers at CARC, an employment facility for adults with developmental disabilities. Each cat and pin is unique dependent on the fabric scrap colors used.

Here’s to the messy and the cute side of scraps!


October 13, 2008

Time to pick up Acorns!

It’s fall! Time for raking leaves, eating caramel apples and carving pumpkins!

How about this organic cotton acorn hat for your precious little nut?! Hand crocheted, using only natural colors and no dyes, the softness and quality are undeniable. Just try not to laugh or at least smile at your little one wearing this hat!

I love the thought felt story behind the hat too. Linda Day, of DayLee Designs has put a 1920 photo of her mother in a classic hat, age 2, on the tag with this message, “Crochet is an artistic tradition that is handed from woman to woman. In each piece I design you will find a small bead worked into the pattern, in honor of my Mother, who taught me to crochet and helped me develop my creative spirit.”

I am such a softy for stories like that.


October 10, 2008

Our blog is live, green, and growing bloggets!

We’ve got lots of things going on at Celery Street right now! We have completed the move to our cool new office/warehouse and things are looking very eclectic and 70s ish around here with all the auction and Goodwill finds!

Celery Street was selected and WE are honored to participate in California First Lady Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference! They selected one of leather writing journals.

We'll soon kick off our Orange Sale, so watch for announcements. Also, keep checking in with us - I’d love some of your comments too!


October 5, 2008

Eco-friendly, Used Up and Loved

One word. Auction. We had a tremendous day at Christy’s Auction House in Indianapolis. You can preview products to be auctioned on their website ahead of time at www.christys.com Many auction houses operate this way now. Register with a credit card, get your number and then wander through the four buildings where several auctions are going on simultaneously.

The auctioneers have a great sense of humor and calmed my fears immediately on bidding on a nineteenth century hat stand just because I was itching a mosquito bite on my nose If you look lost, they ask you if you are lost…and they explain. JD had patience with me and we had a very productive day. We purchased two large heavy 1970’s style desks with solid wood tops and turquoise medal drawers and trim and four- five drawer file cabinets in turquoise and gold to match the desks. That lovely 70’s gold color! Two wooden doctor’s office reception room type chairs with orange and two with blue upholstered seats and backs will seat guests of Celery Street. For my recycled art wall an antique framed sketch of a Victorian era couple playing chess and knocking the board over as they pause for a quick kiss. All of these items combined for… $162.00! More desks needed, but it was a great start. Being eco-friendly is not only good for the earth it is good for your pocket book.

Yesterday, my son and I visited Goodwill and the Salvation Army to find more recycled art. We also found a couple of laundry baskets and large Rubbermaid containers for the office recycle program.

We arrived at the office last night to join JD and my daughter who were painting the main room a beautiful shade of orange to suit our new d├ęcor. The eco friendly paint was available at Lowes Hardware.Eight coffee mugs from the Salvation Army also good for tea… are that same puce gold and left over from a convention in Orlando Florida in 2006…each mug has three palm trees on it.

We are green! We are trying. It is fun (and a little scary) to save money, decorate the office, and plow ahead as the Dow Jones took a dive this week. We are optimistic. After all, Maria Shriver picked a leather writing journal from our eco friendly selecton…anything is possible! More on that later…