March 10, 2009

It's ALL About Celery!

Trying to come up with a creative website name that screams green was not easy. Every vegetable and fruit is already taken, or a squatter is waiting for the right offer to sell his off! So, we decided to involve all our friends and had phone calls at all hours with “eureka, I’ve got it!” ideas for this eco-friendly business, now known as Celery Street. I like the name.

Of course, some customers contact us looking for groceries…celery in particular. Others laughingly break out in a rendition of the famous Sesame Street theme song. It’s a fun name.

Then I stumbled across and laughed so hard I almost peed in my pants! Check out the February 25th, 2009 blog post. They mention us! The blog spot is written by the League For The Suppression of Celery. They asked “What is it with eco-friendly companies naming themselves after celery? Is celery the only green vegetable that these people can think of when starting their companies?” The answer is, no, it's not, but it's fun and upon reading this "celeryfree" blog our name proved again to be very entertaining!

Did you know that John Kerry apparently hates celery and they want to make him their spokesperson?! Read more and find other delicious facts about celery haters.

- e.

*Eddie's new job image courtesy of Violent Veg
*Celery Picker image courtesy of

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