September 3, 2009

The ONE water bottle for the pool, the jungle, the outback and the office…

These new Ech2O water bottles with filters are a fabulous way to become plastic water bottle-free...and faucet water free! You ask me, why would I want to do that?

Does your office water have a metallic after taste from all the chemicals used to CLEAN it? Are you planning a camping trip to the mountains and don’t want to carry a water supply? Is your office or home using well water in an area known for pesticide and insecticide mushroom clouds? Some of you who visited our booth on Earth Day bought this filtered water bottle to take along on third world mission trips.

My husband first tried out this stainless steel bottle on our spring Break in Florida where he scooped chlorinated water out of a turquoise, L-shaped swimming pool. Everyone at the pool that afternoon got a filtered H2O cocktail from the Ech2o and it tasted like plain old water. Although I thought I was getting Vodka.

Last week we had the Ech2o water bottle with filter with us in the Snowy Range of Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. He scooped water out of every stream, lake, and puddle. Again, it tasted like fresh, clean, clear drinking water. It’s proven itself to be a great camping water bottle. The exclusive straw filter removes up to 99.99% of pollutants, and a lot of the biologicals, chemicals and dissolved solids. You can read the nasty list on the description for the Ech2o. We shot a video of our field test actually dipping the water bottle into the lake and drinking it.

Here’s JD photographing the speckled blankets of wildflowers, the nubby trees that have fallen and the babbling brook from which he just filled his Ech2o filtered water bottle! He got some beautiful shots for the website. The Ech2o water bottles along with other great water bottles can be found at Celery Street.

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Jessie Wintriss said...

That's a great looking bottle with a good idea.

How long do the filters last for?