December 29, 2009

Those Green Girl Scouts!

A few days before Christmas I got a phone call from a friend who has a small but mighty 7th grade Girl Scout Troop. Seems these young entrepreneurs have been sewing and scraping together re-giftable gift bags hoping to save trees and make some “green” on the side.

They came over and gave me a full presentation showing me the variety of sizes/dimensions and different patterns. I chose the Christmas fabrics and plan to reuse them every year under the tree. Birthday and Hostess fabrics can also be collected from scraps at Goodwill, grandma’s attic, or the remnant section at the fabric store. Such a great idea! You sew up three sides and run a ribbon through the top binding seam. The gift cards attached were hole punched old greeting card fronts.

Great green thinking Caroline, Jenna, and Ally! I know that the spirit of one old tree friend is very proud of you right now.

- e.

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