November 24, 2008

Another Great Way to Recycle Plastic Bags!

Yesterday my family had the opportunity to help feed a hot lunch to homeless people at Roberts Park Church in Downtown Indianapolis. It's a huge operation that takes lots of planning and caring people to make it a tremendous success.

Our “green” moment was when we were given hundreds of used plastic grocery sacks to fill up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, donated granola bars, chips, etc. that each visitors took with them to eat for dinner or breakfast. People had collected these plastic bags from their grocery trips and donated them to the church for exactly this purpose. Okay, now this is one of those pale shade of green areas. Yes, they should not be using plastic bags in the first place but yes, these plastic bags are lovingly being collected and reused - to feed someone.

Green comes in many shades and until the plastic companies quit making the plastic bags and stores quit using them…these bags are special. I decided not to think “green” for that day and think with my heart.
On another note, if you are still using plastic grocery bags, our fun Eco Tote Bags from Malia Designs are perfect to cart around your groceries! These small totes are made from recycled Vietnamese rice bags and increase economic opportunity for women in developing countries. You're not only "buying green", you'll be helping a great cause as well!

- e.

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