November 3, 2008

Green Party Preparations!

I’ve been busy planning for our green Open House event this Thursday. Lucky for the local Indianapolis people…they will get an opportunity to touch and feel all the green goodies at!

My open house preparations have left me with many choices. Recycled paper plates cannot be recycled again…but they are biodegradable once tossed out the second time in their sad lives. Plates made out of recycled plastics are reusable, but they also have a short sad life depending on how many times they survive the DISHWASHER! We could daintily balance our organic appetizers on the recycled paper napkins, although that would mean return trips for seconds and thirds…. I could bring a collection of china dishes and some dish soap….but then I would miss all the fun! All I want is easy, cheap, chic, and green! Sometimes harder than you think. I’ll ponder more on this tomorrow.

I love the color of recycled wine glasses we just got in. The heavenly venetian red really dresses up a glass of wine, the table it sits on, and the entire room! The color reminds me of the old stain glass windows in churches. I’m looking forward to using these for our holiday, valentines, or any festive occasion.

Now the next question for this soiree….Organic Lemonade? Organic wine? Organic Vodka with Lemonade? Could be an interesting day!


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