January 3, 2009

Reorganize, reuse, and regive in 2009!

Does one of your new year’s resolutions have something to do with organizing? For some of us, that may mean “I REALLY need to organize my life” or... “I need to organize the kid’s toys” or...“I need to organize my collection of cooking utensils." Whatever your project is, why not make it interesting and green?!

If your life needs a major overhaul, there are professionals available for hire. These people actually get paid to come into your house, take stock in your life, your stuff, and teach you how to be a neat nick! Check your yellow pages for organization professionals.

So while you are rummaging through all those personal belongings, think of those organizations that need donations - abuse shelters, children’s homes, senior centers. Did you know that all those old magazines can live a second life in a nursing home? Those toys get loved all over again at a children’s home or by the children in the shelters. Green people have great hearts!

Below are some eco friendly product ideas from Celery Street to help you get your life organized in 2009!

Above: Our fun, bright, organizational baskets (trug tubs!) to divide and conquer the things you keep!

How about cooking utensils storage...or a silly doggie writing journals to list all those places you're going to donate and recycle your old stuff?

Happy 2009 and we hope to see you soon at Celery Street!

- e

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