January 27, 2009

This is a Test…How Blue (or Green) Are You?

If you are having a great day, then don’t try this test. If you want to take another step into the green zone…actually the aqua blue zone, then take this test.

How much water does your household use up on average? You will be so surprised. www.h2oconserve.org has an amazing little calculated quiz with questions that are rather difficult (I had to get out my calculator on a few of them) and it's educational. Educational in that you get to find out what this means: Do the people in your household let it mellow? The answer will have you saying “yuk!"

Did you know that we flush away 3.5 to 6 gallons of water with every toilet stop?

I found out that our household was not as green as I liked to perceive. We are a pathetic shade of metallic lime….

I dare you to try it. Have a clear cool glass of aqua while you are typing out your water sins…a good visual…a healthy reminder of how important our water is.

- e.

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